Energising Techniques for experienced 1:1 client practitioners

Do you work with clients 1:1 and want to learn how to manage energy effectively and with high impact in your own practice? Then this 2-day workshop is for you

In the intended setting of a 1:1 client relation, the physical presence of your client, yourself and the space, affects the work more than we tend to acknowledge. We often recognise this affect after the engagement; in our body, our breath, our level of energy. So does your client.

In this 2-day Workshop you will learn physical techniques that manages energy. They can be used on yourself and/or your client, throughout the engagement. You can pass the techniques on to your client for their use. And, as a bonus, these techniques will prove valuable for any relationship, including the one with yourself.

Who is it for: Anyone with experience and actively working with clients 1:1, like Coaches, Counsellors, Holistic Therapists, Mentors, Physical Therapists, …

What will you learn:

  • Dynamics of Energy from Laban
  • Psychological gestures & touch from Chekov
  • Voice & Posture techniques from many Actor Training methods
  • Techniques from Access Consciousness
  • Hand & Feet techniques from Reflexology

On completion of the weekend you will be able to use the techniques immediately at an introductory application level, in your practice as well as anywhere else!

Who are your Trainers?

This 2-day Practical Workshop is run by Petra Oorthuijs and Rixt Bouma, who bring 25 years of experience using physical presence techniques in their practice. Petra Oorthuijs is an Embodiment Coach, Trainer & Lecturer and Rixt Bouma is a Dutch Certified Reflexologist and Access Bars Facilitator. For more information see their websites below.

Where and When will it be:

Friday 29th November 09.30 to 17.00 & Saturday 30th November 9.30 to 16:00 in Croí Anú Creative Centre, Moone

Cost and Booking:

The full workshop, including hand-outs, coffee, tea & light lunch both days costs €350; To book go to www.tobe.ie/contact and choose ‘Energising Workshop’ giving your details.