Bodywork that deepens your clients’ learning

Training Retreat in physical techniques, vital for you, your client and relationships; for those experienced in guiding others

In the intended setting of a 1:1 client relation, the physical presence of your client, of yourself, and of the space: bodies, affect the work more than we tend to acknowledge. We may sense under-currents, or experience – after the engagement – reactions in our body, our breath, our level of energy. So does your client. 

In this Training Retreat you will come to understand and apply

  • the relevance of body awareness, posture and movement; yours and your client’s
  • a platter of bodywork techniques / embodiment tools
  • how to work with the body confidently and safely
  • improved self-awareness in the context of guiding others
  • the relevance of systems and patterns in human inter-actions;
  • bodily leadership and influencing skills
  • techniques to manage pressure and complexity
  • “reading” others and employing your intuition
  • embodied intelligence
  • the role of human’s sub- and unconscious

Throughout the weekend we have organised Retreat Spaces in various forms for your support: Yoga, Sound Baths, Silent walks & Dance.

We will serve vegetarian food

Who is it for: Anyone with experience and actively working with clients 1:1, like Coaches, Counsellors, Holistic Therapists, Mentors, Physical Therapists, …

A sample of techniques you will be able to apply:

  • The Dynamics of Energy techniques from Laban
  • Presence and Expression techniques from Chekov
  • Voice & Posture techniques from many Actor Training methods
  • Human Systems Dynamics from various Models & Methods 
  • Techniques from Access Consciousness
  • Hand & Feet techniques from Reflexology

On completion of the weekend you will be able to use the techniques immediately at an introductory application level, in your practice as well as anywhere else! Your client will, through you, start to access these too.

Who are your Trainers?

Your Training Retreat will be guided by Petra Oorthuijs and Rixt Bouma, who bring over 25 years of experience using physical presence techniques in their practice. Petra Oorthuijs is an Embodiment Coach, Trainer & Lecturer and Rixt Bouma is a Dutch Certified Reflexologist and Access Bars Facilitator. For more information see their websites below.

Where and When will it be:

Friday 29th November 15.30 registration – starting at 19:00 to Sunday 1st December 16:30

Cost and Booking:

The full Training Retreat costs €550; To book go to and choose ‘Training Retreat’ giving your details.  Please don’t let finance be the reason not to attend; should you believe this is for you we’ll discuss how to make it happen. A free introduction Seminar is held on 18 October; details here