MindThe Gap

On one side, your Purpose and targets. On the other, the real life events and results.

Leadership Coaching with Petra will enable you to narrow that gap. A thorough assessment approach, including a free no-commitment report, the use of Emotional Intelligence and clear Leadership Advancement goals, honed from over 25 years of practice makes Petra the empowering mirror you / your Leadership Team may not want, but possibly need.

There’s another gap to consider; the difference between self-perception and how others perceive you. For leaders, seasoned or fast-tracked for promotion, these spaces may seem impossible to close. So, instinctively, they step back from the edge, resist the challenge.

In our Programmes and through Coaching – leaders or leadership teams step over their self-doubt, flex their talents and embrace the change.

Think of it as the express route to executive success; a smart way to help your people to step up, show up and be great for Purpose.