I work with individuals and groups.


We may meet just for once or for more sessions. Your query may need you to receive training in techniques, you may need to receive your personal EQ profile, or a Constellation using dolls to understand the bigger picture – or a combination. Once we’ve met for our free introduction, you will receive a document that outlines my observations and suggested programme for working together. In our session(s) we will always touch the following three levels of exploring, but your personal, unique reason to work with me will determine where the emphasis will be:

Your Presence – becoming aware how healthy, clear and affective your posture, voice, energy, language and movement expresses your self in any given circumstance

Your Emotional Intelligence – becoming aware how emotions, yours and others, affect you.

Your Self in the world – how dynamics of the groups you belong(ed) to – family, environment, work, friends, religions, and such –  shape you.

You can book your free introduction meeting & report through our contact form.


Open Constellation exploration Groups.

Constellations work allows you to experience the XXXXXXXXXXX. Nature Constellations explore the role of the larger family of all living beings. Although


Each time we come together we do 2 constellations in a group of up to 8 people. We meet one morning and one evening every 3 weeks.  You can attend whenever you wish, but booking is essential to ensure the right number of people. You can book as 1 of the people who wants a constellation done or as a participant. Participants can indicate whether or not they want to be a representative in the constellation.

Open Presence training Groups.

Presence is the ability to tune in fully to all that is happening at a given moment with all those present. 

Each time is divided into 2 parts; firstly we learn a specific physical & vocal technique after which we focus the training on 2 personal queries from the group of up to 12 people. We meet one morning and one evening every 3 weeks. You can attend whenever you wish but booking is essential. You can book as 1 of the people with a specific query or as a participant.

Sample Programmes

We deliver company-wide programmes, using Forum Theatre, in the area of

  1. Culture
  2. Bullying & Harassment
  3. Communications

Petra is Guest Lecturer and/or Speaker on

  1. Communications
  2. Presence & Authenticity
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Team strengthening
  5. Leadership Purpose

We can design bespoke programmes to suit your unique requirements; for example:

  • building Presence & Authenticity
  • Embodying Purpose, for Leaders and Leadership Teams
  • Eco strategy – exploring dilemmas with applying SDG’s/Earth Charter
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence profiling
  • Culture Assessments
  • Master Communications
  • Interview Techniques
  • Effective People Management 
  • (Team) Performance
  • Coach-The-Coach
  • Train-The-Trainer

Ask about Creating a Bespoke Programme
Drop me an email with a brief outline of your challenges and I will send you some thoughts and ideas.