Leadership Presence & Authenticity – embody Purpose

This Leadership Master Class is a skill & drill platform to sharpen your messaging and hone an authentic Presence.  The confidence that comes from knowing you’re able to express yourself with clarity and credibility, extends into all areas of life. When you engage with Presence, authentically, those around you buy into the Leadership Purpose you embody and have greater belief in your Leadership abilities.

In advance of the Master Class, it is mandatory to have a 1-hour coaching session with Petra to assess your present use of Presence in your posture & voice & use of language. There is some pre-reading so we can use the Master Class time to hone best practice. Practice will be on your particular real-life, scenarios.

Who will benefit from attending?

People with Leadership responsibility who wish to ensure their level of expertise and knowledge is having maximum affect on those around them. If confidence, belief and charismatic presence are essential in your role, this class introduces you to the Master Techniques to be so. This Master Class is particularly fitting for people whose purpose involves the need for change of behaviour / culture.

What will you learn?

  • Identify the dynamics of your Physical Presence and be more effective in your use of the instruments
  • Unite body, voice and speech to create ‘total’ communication
  • Grow your personal Authenticity and the understanding of its’ paradox
  • Command attention from your listeners and influence their perception of your message
  • Learn a schedule of rehearsal to be prepared for challenging and high-demanding interactions
  • Practice warm up techniques to instantly atune Physical Presence
  • Be able to use your adaptability skills without losing the ability to gain impact

Learning is through pre-reading (Theory), pre-coaching (Individual understanding) and 3-hour Master Class Practice (Mastery). The Master Class adapts the content to your real-life scenarios.

Cost & Other Practicalities

  • 1:1 pre-coaching is included in the price
  • Venue will be in Dublin; to be decided based on numbers
  • Dress code is loose fitting clothes, no heels or ties; there will be water in the room
  • Per person cost is €395; for every 3 paid bookings a free place is given to a charity (you can nominate)
  • 09:00 – 12:00 with coffee & scones at 08:30

Dates 2020

6 May, 7 October

To book: send your details + name of Master Class + date to greetings@tobe.ie or through our contact page.  Booking closes 2 weeks in advance to allow time for pre-coaching.